Reserve Accounts (wk36)

This week is one of those Wow! Chapters I mentioned earlier on, that makes you look at the bigger picture and take stock of your all areas. Scoping out my finances was a tough one for me but there is so much more to our lives than just our financial status.

The author hits the nail on the head when she says that we live in a work-centered culture. Our lives are geared towards financial security whatever the cost. Work. Earn. Save. Repeat. Always looking at the end-game, and barely focusing on the life we have in front of us.

Our bank accounts don’t hold our full story. There are other accounts that will do more to add to our security than mere financial holdings. The trick is figuring out what those accounts are and how to make regular deposits into them. This, my friends, is what will bring balance into your life.
The accounts brought into question cover spiritual, internal, external, family, and friends.

This week’s challenge: Answer the following Q&A.

-Do I have a reserve of friends and family by whom I feel love and supported by? Yes.
-Do I have a reserve of confidence and self-esteem? Yes? No? If fluctuates depending on the circumstances.
-Do I have a reserve of faith and a strong connection with God? This,too, fluctuates depending on the circumstances. As much as I would like to give a whole-hearted Yes/Amen, I can’t. [something to work on]
-Do I have a reserve of physical energy? I have just enough to do what needs to be done. Beyond that, not so much.
-Do I have a reserve of colleagues who challenge and inspire me to be my best? Every day.

It takes time and attention to build reserves in each of these areas. What matters is to raise your level of awareness by building reserves in every area of your life and not just your financial one. By doing this, you are creating a secure present which in turn offers up a better future.

Our choices today determine our future tomorrow.

This week take some time to assess your various accounts. On a large sheet of paper, create several columns. List a category in each space such as Love, Community, Spiritual, Confidence/Self-esteem, Emotional and Physical health, etc.

Once you have completed these columns, write down your current balance in each area. (i.e., under community, list family and friends. Do you spend time here? Are you content with this aspect of your life? Can you do more? Do you want to do more?)

When this is finished, pick one area you’d like to invest more energy into and make a deposit this week! Don’t wait. There is no time like the present.