Settle-Up (wk39)

If you must compromise, compromise Up ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Life seems to have a built-in compromise button in us that if we are going to settle for something, it should be for the easiest possible route, the one with the least resistance and that we should be grateful for ‘less than,’ whatever that situation means.

Examples include; Don’t rock the boat, be nice, don’t make a scene. We don’t want to be ‘THAT’ person, the one that feels entitled to more.

Society has a way of shaming us into submission. To think that we could possibly ask for more conjures up scenes from Oliver Twist, when this brave, young orphan dares to ask for another portion of gruel.

‘Please, sir, could I have some more?’

I would like to think we are long past the days when asking for a tuppence more would lead to our demise. What is the worst that could happen for stating our peace, our desires, our dreams?

We must unlearn the temerity we have picked up along the way and speak firmly for what we want. We won’t always get it but one thing is certain, if we never ask, it will never happen.

We need to stop settling for less and begin to accept that we deserve better for ourselves.

Take Action:

This week pay attention to where you settle for less in your life.

Make a reminder card that says, ‘Are you settling for more?’

Use it to remind you to raise your standards, be it food prepared in a restaurant, quality of items purchased, or treatment in a relationship.
Speak up for what you want.

Don’t settle down–

It’s time to settle up.