Shake Up Your Life (wk 50)

It’s week 50, of working through Cheryl Richardson’s Life Makeovers book. Now at the end of this year long journey, the author seems to have skimmed the surface for topics that could have been life changing, but ended up choosing something shallow and meaningless for those that have dug deep all year long to improve themselves.

This week’s topic was on shaking up the daily routine of your life for something different. It’s these shifts that change the internal landscape as well. Not that I disagree, only, her example was how she was put out when she had an office renovation and had company stay with her at the same time. Heaven help us, that the much needed paint job threw her life into such chaos and she had no choice but to cope with it and decided this was the exact type of change her life needed in order to learn some lesson from it.

I cannot relate to any of that. Maybe because the shake-ups my life goes through happens more often then I would like, and to me, dealing with drying paint and covered furniture would seem like a vacation to me and not an upheaval.

 The only homework was to list one thing you will do this week to shake up your life.

I am not going to do anything that will shake up my life more than it already has been. A shake up is the last thing I need, and I am never disappointed because the shake-ups come whether I want them to or not. I never have to seek them out. They find me.

 So if your life is so steady that you need to actively look for ways to turn things on their head for the sake of change, I commend your balanced lifestyle. As for me, I plan to dig in and enjoy the quiet that comes before all the storms that continue to flow my way. That is how I do life.

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