Shine the Light (wk23)


Everyone has a desire they wish to share with the world but many are afraid to take action because of fear of failure, disappointment, or rejection. If you happen to be an introvert like me, the thought of going out on a limb just to try something new can become a paralyzing feat.

You are never given a wish without the power to make it true.
~Richard Bach

Every last one of us has some kind of dream or secret desire we hold close to our hearts, but I would venture to say, a good majority of us never let it see the light of day. In a world filled with disappointments, keeping our dreams safely guarded is a way of protecting ourselves or the part of ourselves that is most vulnerable.

Letting our deepest desires into the world exposes us to criticism, reveals our hidden natures, removes our masks. There is a reason we hide our true selves – out of a fear that if we show ourselves for whom we really are, we may somehow be shunned, or even ridiculed.

How often do we hide our lights to appease those who don’t appreciate us anyway? Do you have a dream you’ve been wanting to run down but never did? I have. My dreams come in all sizes. Big ones and little ones. Perhaps it’s time I unlock the door and let some of them loose.
What about you?

Weekly Challenge:

This week: Shine the light on a secret desire, share this with a few friends. What actions can you take to move this dream forward? Sign up for a class, find a mentor, or do something to bring your gifts into the world.

My secret desire is: I have so many wishes, cravings, wants. I will throw some of them out there in hopes one will catch fire.
I want to publish a book, a story, a poem. I want to start a business so badly but I don’t know what kind of business to devote my time to. I want to start a non-profit organization, I want to bring one of my inventions to life, I want to sell my artwork online and I want to start a website selling other people’s artwork as well.

To bring it to the open, I will: Now that’s not an easy statement to complete. I am torn in so many directions that I am not sure which way to turn. I suppose the best way for me to start anything is to settle on one of the above listed, and go from there.

One step I can take this week is: to decide which direction I want to go in before I make any decisions. That would be the best that I can do for now. One thing I know for sure…You can’t force a dream.


Writing everyday
Working on a new way to meditate…seeing where it goes.
Painting more, too.
Reading some business books.
Have one more week of my Buddhism/Philosophy class.
Needing to psych myself up a little more to check my credit rating. But it’s coming.