Spring into Fintness…[or not] (wk 13)


This week’s title says it all. Spring Into Fitness-Ugh!

Getting fit is one of the least desirable things to do on my list of things to do. I understand the complete importance of the need for this but I draw a blank on the best way to go about it.

This is not a plea for suggestions to help me in this quest. This is a solo work and as this is the week’s course, I will at least visit it.

I do have serious goals in store for me health-wise, but I am not at a point where I am ready to implement them just yet. I like to tell people I have the body of a goddess…I just never say which one.

I am sure that it is of great benefit that the author is married to an exercise physiologist. I don’t even know what that means but I am fairly certain it puts her above the curve on the fitness scale. For the rest of us lowly mortals who struggle with the daily grind and are always wondering what to do for dinner, it takes a bit more effort.

She has outlined eight categories to help in this quest, so I will cover each one with careful consideration.

1 Getting fit is an emotional, spiritual, psychological, and physical process. Without all four areas embedded in your fitness routine, you are setting yourself up to fail.
Wow! That is a whole lot of work. I do agree but the trick is to identify and incorporate these aspects into your life.

2 Shift your focus from losing weight to creating a practice of daily self-care. This will increase your chance of success.
Again, completely agree. It is a bit of a mind game here with yourself, but whatever works. Must try.

3 Learn to eat well for your body type and find the form of exercise that best suits your needs.
This takes some doing as the options are endless and when you are trying to work this into not only your life but the lives of your picky, picky family, it can be somewhat of a stumbling block.

4 Keep a ‘Just for today’ mindset. This will help stop the negative self-talk that tends to be self-defeating. If you are working ‘Just for today’ and not looking at the long-term end result, success is yours.
Just for today is about all I can work on at any given time, so no disagreement there.

5 Stay away from social media concepts of the perfect photo-shopped body.
I don’t ever compare myself to Media models or movie stars, so I think I am safe in that mentality.
Goddess, remember?

6 A simple, appropriate free weight program helps to reconnect you with your body as you burn fat.
Looking into gym memberships now

7 Feeling good about yourself is just one healthy food choice or one workout away.
The author has a knack for repetition.

8  It’s okay to give yourself a break.
Finally, something to hold onto.


This week’s homework is to make a list of the five main obstacles getting in the way of your health and fitness goals and then counter each of these with a solution.

I am not going to do this. All the list will do is attach focus on the excuses made that prevent that trip to the gym or the stroll down the organic produce aisle in search of solutions that are not going to help as they are not do-able at this point in time. I don’t need that extra negativity while trying to better my life elsewhere.
This is not to say I won’t ever do it. I am looking for a gym. I have health goals set to meet before my 50th birthday in January, and I fully plan to work that out. Just not this week.
So until then, I bid you a good day.


Still meditating. I have only missed three days in the past month. I am not going to be militaristic about it. If I can, I can. If I can’t, I’ll catch it next time around. Still haven’t discovered that moment of Nirvana that is supposed to come about from this continued exercise but it is a good way to center my day.

I write every single day without fail and I have several art projects in the works. Yay, me.