Standing in the Shadows (wk27)


Wow! This week’s chapter moved me so much. The author talks about standing in the shadows of those you admire as a way of learning from them. Whether it be taking on an apprenticeship program in a field that holds your interest, or taking on a mentor you admire who is doing what you want to be doing.

She does caution though not to spend too much time in those covered spaces lest you get lost inside of them. As with all things, there is a fine balancing act between learning and putting what you have learned into practice.

Some people are quite content to be forever students, never venturing further than the hallowed halls of academia, while others want to jump headfirst into a field of work without putting in the allotted time that qualifies them for the job. Not that this kind of passion is a bad thing; sometimes action is the very thing needed to move you to the next level. But it does help if you have at least some knowledge in those required fields.

There is much to be learned while watching from the shadows and while the author believes the soul knows best when to move on, this doesn’t account for human nature that intervenes and balks at the idea of stepping into your own power. I’m sure many graduates of the finest institutions did not feel they were ready to step into their chosen fields after receiving their certificates of degree, and then there are those, (like me), that feel more comfortable on the outer edges of the arena, watching the action unfold center stage.

To quote the book: ‘The soul is very wise. Often it will put you with people or situations that represent what you’ve come here to do.’ Random chance is not so random if it is your soul pitting you with your true calling and keeps landing you in the middle of opportunities that lead you in that direction. The only problem with that is when your head asks, what is my true calling? Where do I belong? Do I fit in? What if I don’t know what I am here to do, and if so, where do I go from here? If my soul is putting me where I really belong, why am I working in a deli? The questions are endless.

All I can say is that by knowing what you don’t want to do, maybe by trial of elimination, it will then lead those inquiring minds in the direction that was meant for you all along. One can only hope. A start would be to find someone that is doing something you are interested in and find a way to observe their progress. Learn from their successes and learn from their failures.

There is a wealth of knowledge we can pick up from standing in the wings of greatness in order to learn something new but when we relegate ourselves to always hovering on the edges, never stepping into the light, we rob ourselves of potential greatness and we rob the world of the gifts we could otherwise have offered. As scary as it may be stepping into your own power, nothing will happen unless you do. Take it from someone who is quite comfortable in the shade but feels the lack of passion each day by not taking that step.

Take Action Challenge:

-During the week take some quiet time and use your journal to review your past and present circumstances, looking for the clues your soul may have created in your life.
-Notice the kind of people you have surrounded yourself with.
-Whom have you admired?
-What kind of work have you been attracted to?

I have been standing in the shadow of:
Every woman that has managed to chase down her dreams while raising a family at the same time. The women that don’t give up and don’t give in despite the odds against them..
The people I admire are:
Anyone that knows what their soul purpose is and goes after it.
I admire them because:
They aren’t afraid to back down from a challenge.
I have been attracted to the following kinds of work:
I am attracted to the arts, to writing, to anything creative.
The one action I’ll take to step out of the shadow is:
Thinking. Thinking.

Being in a service industry, I know this is a busy time of year. And no matter how much I prepare for it, I am never prepared enough. I always underestimate the toll this takes on my aging form.
I get tired more easily, I ache from the toil, and the public is less than gratuitous in dealing with those who serve them. It is daunting and exhausting.
My blog is late and my online class is a bit behind as well. Must double the time to catch up.
And I haven’t even decorated for the holidays yet.
Is it any wonder things don’t get done?

Usually by the beginning of November, my word of the year starts to make itself known to me.
This year nothing has surfaced so far.
If you are wondering what this word of the year is, I would encourage you to Google               One word to change your life.
I am a big believer in this and have seen positive outcomes by doing this little practice. It’s kinda my thing. So on my list of things to do, musing over a word is added to it as well.
Much to do. So much to do.