Stop the Madness (wk49)

This book I have been working through, [Life Makeovers], is leading up to the culmination of the holiday season–only I started in June instead of in January, and for me, that means the holidays are either well behind or just ahead of me, depending on which way you want to look at it.

Since the author is looking at Christmastime giving, she outlines some low-key methods to create meaningful gifts, removing yourself from the holiday madness. Come December, this is a BIG issue, but in June it is a bit removed and almost non-relevant. Not to mention that only a few short weeks ago she was covering much of the same topics, gift giving and meaningful sentiments.

Then it was titled, People and Priorities, now it’s titled as Madness. No matter. While            Cheryl Richardson has written a book and dug deep for topics, it’s still a step ahead of where I am at, although admittedly, I have come a long way from where I was a year ago.
That being said, my feelings haven’t changed from last month either.

I love giving to people. I love thinking of ways to make others happy and finding moments they can enjoy. So continuing along that vein, I still strive to give of my time, my skills, and my possessions to others so that I remember that it is in giving that we receive. Maybe the lessons seem repetitious because they are, or maybe that is what it takes to instill better habits as opposed to what we started with.

As this book slowly winds down, I keep my eyes on the road that I am travelling and looking forward to the good things that can still come of this. I have continued to embark on the decluttering of my belongings and passing on the things that still hold value to me but I would love to see gifted and valued to and by others. That is my current goal in life and that is what I have been up to. In addition to cutting down on the commercial shopping sprees, she makes suggestions that benefit the giver as well. Give yourself permission to sit this one out. Not giving in to the madness of the season. Taking time for your soul, doing things differently. I am all for different.

This week’s homework:
List two things to do differently this year
Give myself time for me
Enjoy the peaceful moments with others without overloading on work.

My favorite holiday accessory is:
Candles and Music

I look forward to the end of the year knowing I have prepared ahead of time for the main event.
Fingers crossed, it all goes as planned.