Strengthen Your Backbone(wk28)



1 the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.
2 the state of being whole and undivided.

Living with integrity sets the tone for your life. It honors the standards set for ourselves and the lines you personally draw in the sand.

The author feels living with integrity creates a strong spiritual backbone in us and not living with it throws you out of alignment on a universal scale which can then cause your entire life to break down. Plans fall through, and doors keep closing on you no matter how hard you work. [Dramatic pause here. This is where I roll my eyes and say, ‘Damn! Is that my problem? I must really suck!] The thing is, this can be a bit misleading as even those living with the highest integrity do not always have smooth sailing. Plans will always fall through. Sometimes doors keep closing not because you lack moral uprightness but because those were not doors you were meant to walk through in the first place.

It is not that I completely disagree. Integrity is extremely important for a well lived life, but it should be noted while it’s good to have a moral compass to follow, it’s different for everyone. People set their own standards for what is acceptable or not. It is more of a sliding scale and each of us lands at a different spot on this measure. Everyone’s moral compass points to a different true north, but I wouldn’t say that makes them wrong.

I know people that are staunchly self-righteous, making them good moral citizens but difficult to be around or live with, as no one else can seem to measure well against these standards.

And I know people that have no integrity at all making them also difficult to be around but unlike the author’s dire warnings, their world isn’t falling apart at the seams. In fact, they seem to be living pretty good lives.

Then there are those like me that have set our standards somewhere in the middle, allowing just enough wiggle room on either side to live with ourselves and others.

Setting high standards can be a double edged sword. Setting rigid rules to live by can make it difficult to abide by them. Setting them too low and you may as well question why you even bother. A line in the sand is, after all, just that…a line in the sand. Impermanent. Adjustable.
And that’s not a bad way to be. At least not by my standards.

This week’s challenge:
Answer the following questions;

1 What internal rules have I set for myself?
-I have a limit as to how much disrespect I will tolerate,[which isn’t much], before finally cutting ties with that person. This includes friends and especially family. Just because people are related by blood does not give someone the right to abuse you continuously.
-I will not disrespect myself, either. This one takes some work but I am getting better at it.
-I give careful thought before I enter into a disagreement, weighing out all angels, first.

2 How am I not being true to these standards?
-Sometimes my tolerance is longer suffering then even I know it should be, but I usually do cut the ties eventually when it is clear issues cannot be resolved. Maybe I should be better at this.
-Sometimes at work I must keep my opinions to myself, not because I agree with the status quo, but because I need the job.

3 Where am I not being true to these standards?
This question is redundant so it will not be answered.

Once you have the answers to these questions, list where you need to make adjustments.

I think I’m good. I am always open to the opinion of others, but as things stand now, I like myself, I like how I am turning out, and I thing my spiritual spine is just fine . If it ain’t broke….


-Online midterm essay done.
-Meditation hit or miss
-Too busy to paint these last couple weeks but it was expected.
-Completely dropped the ball on Christmas decorating. Where I work, if this didn’t get done by Thanksgiving, it wouldn’t be done at all. There are not enough hours in the day. It is what it is.
-I’m stretched a bit thin but I am managing alright. That alone speaks volumes.