Thank you, HwyAuto


When we think of professionals that are in the business of saving lives, Rarely does mechanic make it to the list…but it should.

I want to give a shout-out to Ernie and the crew at HwyAuto, that did just that.

My 14 year old car was running poorly and kept getting a harsh jerking movement while driving.

We were thinking transmission or catalytic converter, all the big name things.

It turns out, (from my limited understanding of cars), that after years of driving, accumulated build up of carbon and lord knows what else, clogged up the air/fuel intake valves. Think of a heart with clogged up arteries and you get the idea. It was a heart attack waiting to happen.

It was so bad, that to say it was 90% blocked would be putting it mildly. The clog was almost complete aside from a knife thin crack that would allow some fuel to pass through, hence the rough stuttering feeling while driving. It was the fuel trying to work it’s way into the system.

Had the blockage been complete, pressure would have built up and I don’t want to think about ‘and then.’

I believe our guardian angels and HwyAuto have been working overtime to keep our body parts, both physical and mechanical, intact.

It is not enough to do only routine maintenance on the vehicles that are lives depend on..but it is a good start.

If your car is not running well, please don’t wait. Get it checked sooner not later. You owe it to yourself to be safe.

Thank you, Ernie.
Thank you, HwyAuto
Thank you, Lord