The Juggling Act [wk 10]

juggler I

This week was a hard one to wrap my head around. The author discussed how ‘hard-working people suffer in silence, struggling to keep many balls in the air,’ while trying to balance out their lives.
[To become more productive and effective at work while enjoying a fulfilling personal life, you’ll have to give up the juggling act and let a few balls drop.

Such as:
Trying to please everyone
Trying to have everyone like you
Trying to be a star at the expense of your life
Trying to do everything perfectly
Trying to do everything
Your reliance on adrenaline]

The problem with blanket statements is that they do a poor job of covering most people.
None of these above statements indicates any kind of ball I currently have in the air. And let’s talk about this juggling act we all do. This is what is called being an adult, or just being alive.

As much as I like this author and what she writes about, I am a bit disappointed when she misses the mark completely. Maybe I should be grateful that I do not fall into the typical encompassment she lists above.

Her suggestion to let a few of these balls go in order to grow sounds overly mystic to me.
I think the things we juggle in our daily routines are the very things that make us grow.
Now, do we have things on our plates that neither add, nor detract from our lives, but are there because they have to fit somewhere? Yes.
Can we release them without trauma and move on to more important items that we do need to balance somehow? Yes, providing we can identify them.
Am I willing to do this? Yes.

Homework for this week:

Answer the following:

The first ball I would like to drop is:
Negative Overthinking.
I overthink everything. That is not necessarily a bad thing but when it poses interference in my life as it does on occasion, then it becomes problematic.

The way it plays out in my life is:
Just for the week, by denouncing the negative intrusive thoughts, it will make room for more positivity. I hope.

The new behavior I will practice this week is:
Replacing the internal smack-talk with positive thinking. I know it sounds like I am trading out one ball for another, but maybe that is what needs to be done. Just for a week. Let’s see where that will leave me. One thing the author and I do agree on, ‘Your life is worth it!!’


I have continued to meditate 15 minutes a day. I still haven’t crossed the 20 second peace barrier but it has become a rather comforting practice. I will continue another week.

I worked more on furthering week 5’s painting, but have not finished..yet.

Until next week, I intend to keep as many balls in the air as I can, because that’s how I roll.