The Magic of Grace- (wk7)


This week is all about spiritual motivation. Not the kind where you go to church on Sunday, hear a sermon and feel motivated to move to some mysterious, far off land where you hope to convert the natives to your way of believing before they decide to eat you for dinner.

No, the kind of spiritual motivation for this week is where you set your intention, speak your desire out into the universe, and said universe responds in kind by setting you up with serendipitous events, as a way of acknowledging, ‘I see you. I hear you. You’ve got this.’

It’s like a divine pat on the shoulder to show you that you are not alone.
It’s the kind of fuel that inspires you to take consistent action in creating the life that you want.
Action creates change and when you take steps to honor your spirit, you set into motion a higher order for your life.

Some call this coincidence.
Some call it divine intervention.
The author calls it the Magic of Grace.
I call it serendipity; the art of finding something good without looking for it, (…or usually when you are looking for something else.)

‘Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.’
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

These little miracles are available to all that care to take notice.

The homework for this week is to pay close attention to the coincidences that occur in your life as you make self-care a priority.

Make note when something happens that makes your life easier. When something you need magically appears, or when you receive an act of kindness from a stranger.

Keep a journal of these events. Big and small. This will help you connect with the divine inspiration that exists both within and all around you.

On a side note, I recently found an old journal I had used a long time ago for just this purpose. I don’t remember why I stopped recording in it. Rereading it made me think of all the things I glossed over without paying attention to.

Many of the action challenges this book suggests are more long term than just one week. I am going to get back to this particular one, because it made for a fascinating read and I would like to see what other new and exciting things await me.

Whether it’s Grace, Magic, or the Divine, I wish the same for you also.

(photo by,  which is an amazing, inspirational site to check out)