The Office (wk33)

This week takes a look at your personal office space and how to best organize it to ensure it isn’t harmful to your health. Even though the author walks us through her thought patterns as to why this is important, writing it out makes it appear that she has a great flair for the dramatic. Her claims are that bad office spaces could be harmful to your health, in that they could cause frequent colds, flu, sinus problems, not to mention how it could drain your energy.

Sigh. Let’s take this one at a time. There are no links to her statements, so they must be considered opinions.

A cold is a virus. Poor lighting is not going to bring this on.
The flu is also a virus that can lead to bacterial infections. Your cluttered desk is not going to give you the flu unless the virus is already there in the first place.
Sinus problems are usually allergy related, AND a cluttered desk may very well bring this about especially if you are allergic to dust, or dust mites. In which case, a good spring cleaning done regularly will surely put you ahead of the curve, but just looking at the mess isn’t going to bring about a sinus infection.
Poor lighting CAN cause depression or even bring about migraines, but if you are not the ones in charge of paying for the electrical maintenance of your business abodes, then your only choice is to find a different job or become self-employed. These are not always viable options for most people, in which case, buying stock in pharmaceutical companies may be beneficial, perhaps not to your health but at least to your financial statements. If you are going to be sick, you may as well have some money coming in while you are down and out.

The problem for many of us is that we are not self-employed and are not able to have complete control over our working environments, in which case, the only thing we can control is our own little corners of the world in which we call home.

I admit, this chapter left me at a standstill as I am not self-employed and I do not have an office. But when I reread the chapter parameters again, it sank in that this was more about keeping healthy then it was about getting organized. The reason to tidy up was all about self-care, and less about business ownership, and then it was pointed out to me that even if I don’t have those things under my control, I do have my own little corner of the world where I do my hobbies, and my writing, and other types of family business.

For me, this space is mostly my kitchen table. Having four people living with widely varying schedules, my family is rarely together enough to enjoy meals as we once did long ago. In light of that, I claimed our kitchen/dining table as my own personal craft/hobby/writing space. This can be considered MY office. My tiny table only measures a scant 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet. [Small. I know. But we have managed for quite some time with this. Apartment living is done in feet and inches and somehow you manage] So, even though my office space is little, it holds a great deal of supplies necessary for making great art. And like most creatives, there is very little order to it. I do not think it is the leading cause of health issues but it could stand a little freshening up.

The first step in gaining control of this area of my life is to just start. I will clear out any unnecessary supplies for current projects being worked on and neatly store them away. I will only keep one project on table at any given time and make a space for all other supplies to be kept in an organized fashion.

As a renter, I cannot control the lighting, but I can control the view.

This week’s take action challenge:
The three things I will do to improve my office are:

1 clear table
2 only one project at a time
3 store art supplies in better system

If this will get me closer to my goal of self-improvement, then I am all for it. And if it keeps me healthy, all the better.