The Power of Prayer (wk52)

My final week of following through Cheryl Richardson’s LIfe Makeovers book, a year of working week by week through personal projects that could change your life.
This is the last chapter.

The entire book was filled with weekly self-care projects that could change your perspectives, and ultimately your life. Some of the projects were easy, many repetitive, and others were hard, taking up more room than an allotted one week visit would allow.

The author saved her most important project for the final chapter. The Power of Prayer is not just a Christian ideology. It can be used by anyone at anytime. The important thing to remember is not to whom the prayers are directed to but as to the Why behind the prayer in the first place.

Good energy sent outward makes a difference. Love released into the wild will find its mark and not end up in a void.

Prayers and intentions have weight behind them. Although it cannot be quantified in physical terms, I am of the belief that prayers are heard on a different level from which we operate and if done with enough intention behind it, they are heard. Maybe not always answered in the manner we had hoped for but they are heard. Sometimes that alone is enough.

The author advocates the power of prayer to be used in conjunction with being of service to others. It is in giving that we receive. As we finish the year, it’s time to reclaim our purpose and share with others the benefits of this past year’s lessons we have learned. Open your heart and share your gifts.

One act the author follows up on with prayer requests is to keep a special candle at hand, and when a prayer request comes in, she lights the candle to bring more focus to the prayers on her list. I love this idea. To fully engage in an activity like prayer could only benefit all parties involved.

This week’s final take action challenge:

This week share your love, knowledge, money, time, attention, and whatever gifts you have to offer, to someone in need. Create your own daily ritual of service and put it into practice. Remind yourself of your daily gift of service so as not to miss a day. Or start your morning ritual by saying, How can I be of service today? Share what you have learned throughout this past year to those who might benefit from your wisdom.

And enjoy your life