Week 2 New You

idea book

Have you ever thought about what qualities you admire in others and what you would like to develop in yourself? I think about this all the time and find my answers change even more often than that.
For Week two, I had to sit down and choose one elusive factor that I am determined to nail to the wall and make it stick.

This week I am to concentrate on what quality I would like to develop more of over the next year. How or in what area, would I like to, or do I need to grow in? This was the first thing that popped into my mind.
I would like to concentrate on and develop my creativity

Once the quality in question has been chosen to focus on, follow the three step process:

Write a positive affirmation in the present tense that relates to this goal.
Print this and post in easy to view area [Done]

Choose (3) actions to take this week to begin developing this quality.
1) I will spend at least 15 minutes a day on some creative pursuit (art/crafts/projects)
2) I will, at the very least, spend 30 minutes this week researching creative people I admire.
3) ??? No Idea for the third. Suggestions welcome.

Even though laying the groundwork was easy for this week, I still need to do the work and with the sincere hope that I keep it up until it becomes a habit.
Give me a shout out if you are doing something similar.
Big changes come with baby steps.

[Next Week: Finding your lost self: covers journaling and spirituality]