Weekend Review- December 13, 2014


This week, a CIA report on the use of torture by Americans was released to the public.
Exactly why it was made public, I am still unclear on but it was interesting to see the politicians scrambling to do damage control in the light of all of this.

A morning commentary show host I listen to read off the list of methods released in the report. In a limited monologue, he debunked every single aspect of tortures listed, likening them to college hazing pranks.

I was disappointed to hear this Disneyesque version of something so heinous being downplayed to such an extent, yet there are those that will believe anything.

I am not naive enough to think the US did not employ such tactics. It is one of those unspoken secrets that makes its way into the light and we are left to process this information as best we can…in the open.

It is not a question of, was the use of such tactics justified, but rather, do the ends justify the means? Or, moving forward from here, can we not find a better way?

Here’s hoping to finding a better way.

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So, Britain’s royal power couple, Prince William, and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, graced New York with their presence this week. They saw the sights, made appearances and took in a basketball game.

I must say, I do like them but I do not understand the hype that goes along with them.

Maybe because we Americans do not really understand royalty of the pomp that goes with it or we just don’t care.

He, [the Prince], was fortunate enough to be born into status, and she, [the Duchess], was fortunate enough to marry into it.

It could be the cynic in me that admires those who have struggled to pave their own way through life, thereby knowing the harsh realities that make people who they are, as opposed to those who have had their way paved for them.

As much as we cry out wanting an easier go of it, we must remember, it is the struggle that the caterpillar endures, working its way out of the chrysalis, that earns it its wings.

The scars life gives to us, whether visible or hidden, are the very things that anoint our journey through this world. It burnishes our character and makes us shine more brightly. To go overboard with the adoration of celebrities continues to build up those who do not need it while taking away from those that do.

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On Thursday, here in California, an Amber Alert was issued for a man who took his four children, unauthorized.

The mother was found dead a short time later.

In dramatic footage, this man was stopped on a freeway overpass, surrounded by police/SWAT teams. At one point, it looked like the man wanted to use one of his kids as a shield, while making his way to the edge of the drop off.

Was he going to jump? Throw his child over the side? We don’t know because the police moved in with the rapidity of a well oiled machine, taking him down and getting the children to safety in short order.

For as much as the police do wrong—they also do so much more right. Something to remember.

* * *

As you make your way through this next week, ponder your role in this world…your actions, your words. Give thanks for your scars, you’ve earned them. Admire with abandon…those worth admiring and make it a good one. You’ve got this.