Weekend Review- December 26, 2014

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We wish you a Merry….DON’T!

Apparently not everyone enjoys holiday cheer as witnessed this week on an American Airlines flight when a passenger became extremely irate at being wished a Merry Christmas.
While getting in touch with his inner scrooge, (pre-spirits visit), this passenger lectured the flight crew on their misplaced holiday cheer…and they, in turn, schooled him on flight etiquette, (PSA, it’s not a good thing to yell at  flight attendants), as they had him booted from the plane, amid applause of his would be fellow passengers.
Some people!

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As if hacking Sony Corp last week by North Korea wasn’t enough, Playstation and Xbox Live network were also hacked on Christmas day, breaking the hearts of boys and girls of all ages that only wanted to spend their holiday in front of their gaming consoles…much like they do most of the other days of the year.
(Now they know how Rudolph felt being denied his reindeer games)
As much as we would like to blame North Korea for this one too, the credit here, goes to a hactavist group called, Lizard Squad, and their reasons for doing this are as vague as their name.
Sometimes it’s best not to ask questions.

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An unconfirmed report came in late Friday, that a US Border Patrol Agent was abducted by a Mexican drug cartel. This is frightening for the simple fact that what starts as a trickle can easily turn into a flood. The Drug Wars and violence south of our border can only be kept at bay for so long.
Should these reports prove to be true, then the wars happening halfway around the world are meaningless if we cannot protect those in our own backyards.
With over 3,000 field agents, Border Patrol is scrambling to confirm or discount these rumors.
Praying that this is a false alarm.

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For all the bad stories we hear about airlines, there is always something that helps restore our faith in humanity. Applause should go out to Jet Blue Airlines that flew 670 police officers from around the nation, for free, so they could attend the funerals of slain NYPD officers killed this past week.
Of course, no good deed goes unpunished and haters are gonna hate. This altruistic move has garnered a fringe group of opposition that is calling for a boycott on them because, really, who flies for free these days?
I wish anyone wanting to boycott, should do so, thereby freeing up more space for more cops to attend services for their fallen brethren in arms.
To Jet Blue, I say, Thank you, for honoring those who serve and those who have fallen. The week belongs to you.
As 2014 comes spiraling to crippling end, I pray that only better days are ahead…for all of us.
To you and yours, Have a safe and Happy New Year’s and may the blessings of each day be the blessings you need most.