Weekend Review- January 11, 2015


Settling into 2015, the week started off calm until we reached Wednesday.

In the heart of Paris, France, a small journalist office, Charlie Hebdo, a controversial satirical publishing office, was set upon by masked and armed terrorists, who murdered 12 people and injured 11 more. Most of the dead were journalists and cartoonists, but there were also two police officers killed as well. One of them brutally assassinated in the street.

These terrorists were well trained with one goal in mind, to defend The Prophet.
Apparently, they were offended by the satirical cartooning of their religious icon and felt that alone should justify the carnage they wrought.

As the world watched on, it would be days before these terrorists were found, but not before more innocent lives were taken, including that of a policewoman and 4 more hostages. In a scene to rival most action movies, the perpetrators were finally sent on to stand before their Prophet, to explain their actions…

…and the world was left with more questions than answers. Was this really about a cartoon? Was it only a distraction for something worse to come? Where will this happen next? If Islam is so peaceful, why is there so much death attached to it?

In the end, there is no explaining rabid zealotry. Terrorists want nothing more than to spread fear and bloodshed in their wake, and while the majority of Muslims are not terrorists, it is fair to say, most of the terrorists involved with these attacks, adhere to the tenets of Islam.

It will be awhile before all participants are rounded up, but that will be left for another day.
One last thought, Charlie Hebdo was well known for poking fun at ALL religions, politicians and other religious figures. There are some who believe they brought this upon themselves. That kind of thinking is along the same vein as saying a rape victim deserved what they got because of how they were dressed, or how much they were drinking. Blaming the victim is dangerous thinking, and at a time when unity is needed more than ever, maybe, just maybe, if we could ditch the finger pointing, we can move forward in peace.


While the world was glued to the events in France, Russia quietly passed a law banning transgender people from holding a drivers license. It’s discriminatory and prejudicial. It leaves one to wonder, what is next? When one people group is systematically singled out based on their differences, it is only a matter of time before the rest of us are too.

Yes, it’s Russia. Yes, it’s so far away. But in the larger scheme of things, does that matter?


Quick Hits:

UK cop gets 7 years in prison after he drove to work in a $250,000 Ferrari

Not the happiest place on earth for some, but not responsible either.

Not so much a Starbucks fan but I do like to try out new things. This drink was good and milky, the way I like my coffee but the price says I will not try again.

Because I really do have a wry sense of humor, I found these to be sarcastically funny. If you are American, you may too.


Here in California, fighting off allergies, asthma and unanswered questions.
Until next week, be well, be safe, be healthy.