Weekend Review- January 18, 2015 (Quick Hits)


This past week I was down with a respiratory illness that most of the nation seems to have.
While fighting it off and trying to stay healthy, this week’s review is just the quick hits. Enjoy.

Last year I had a very bad reaction to a tetanus booster, which made me question if I personally would want to subject myself to any vaccines after that. It was a personal choice. I am not an anti-vaxxer, I do not believe vaccines cause autism, and they do save countless lives.
This year’s batch of flu vaccines has been proven to be less effective than hoped for, making this a bad flu season, and while many die each year from influenza, it is crushing to hear when a vaccine is responsible for some of those deaths.

We have all had people that have pushed our buttons and brought us to the edge of common reason. One man’s novel solution to this went viral this past week. So much so, that he was inundated to the point of mind-numbing requests of other’s seeking out his help.
Send your enemies glitter bombs. This harmless, impossible to clean up idea struck a nerve and crashed his web site. A massive wave of glitterati requests came rushing in and the tide only grew stronger, sending the owner to beg people not to use his site. Sometimes, all that sparkles is not gold.

Honorable move. Many are up in arms that Obama didn’t make it to Paris to stand up to the terrorists in an open protest including many of the world’s leaders. Personally, I believe as Americans, we stand up to terrorists everyday, so I am not bothered whether our president made it to France or not. What I do find uplifting, is what the NYPD did. Classy move. That is what we stand for.

…finally, a story to restore faith in humanity. Hard working American’s do not like it when other hard working Americans are used and abused.
Like a fairy-tale, this story starts off with trolls…

and ends with a happily-ever-after [not to mention over 20k in tips]..gotta love America


What ever the week may bring to you, what ever life throws at you, know that our stories continue to be written, day in and day out. Choose how your story unfolds. Choose the character you wish to play; villain, victor, or victim, the choice is always yours. Make it something worth reading.


Be well. Be healthy. Be happy.
See you next week.