Weekend Review- January 3, 2015


It would seem that 2014 was not about to go gently into that good night. No, it wasn’t done claiming its toll in human lives as this past week has shown.

Last Sunday, an AirAsia flight bound for Singapore ran headlong into inclement weather. After the flight captain requested permission to fly at a higher altitude to avoid the storm, and was subsequently denied by ground control, all contact with the flight was lost.

Two days later the first few bodies along with airplane detritus began to surface. 162 people were on board, and the sea rescue has quickly turned into a recovery mission. The search is still ongoing, no survivors presumed.

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New Year’s eve…revelers only wanted to ring in a new year. 36 would never make it, dozens more would be grateful they made it through the night with mild to severe injuries, but lives still intact, which resulted from a stampede as a throng of crowds pushed their way through the the narrow alleyways, crushing the unfortunate around them.

Police admit they underestimated the crowds and were woefully unprepared.

This was either a bad way to end a year or a worse way to start one. Perhaps both.

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On a slightly lighter note, Do’h!…I mean, Play-doh, is in the news because according to a number of parents, Hasbro, makers of the iconic molding compounds, entertaining kids for generations, did something even the Grinch was unable to do. Ruin Christmas.

It would seem, one of the modeling kits contained a play-doh extruder, a toy meant to assist kids in extruding the doughy matter into various shapes, injecting fun into their play… but the device in question looks very similar to the male genitalia, thereby upsetting parents and Hasbro stockholders alike.

How it got past quality control is a big question.
Hasbro is offering refunds and apologies to those offended.

What I find offensive is the attitudes of many of the parents involved, taking to social media outlets to vent their rage and frustration, claiming their Christmas was ruined by this distasteful device.

Apologies in advance, but personally, I feel that all those people waiting for the bodies of their loved ones to be pulled from the sea, the families of the NYPD officers that were assassinated last month, the ones recovering and the families that will never recover from the terrorist attacks, or the beheadings due to ISIS actions this year, have the right to say their Christmas was ruined.
Receiving a phallic looking toy in a kids play kit? Not so much.
Let’s keep things in perspective, shall we?

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And thus starts a new year.
Like anything else, it is what you make it out to be….so why not make it a good one?