Weekend Review= January 31, 2015 (Highlights)


January always seems like an excessively long month and this final week of January, 2015, didn’t help any. Maybe because most of the news filtering back this week was sad and tedious, or that I, personally had a crappy week and view it through the filter of my own bias.

On Monday, I was riveted by the news of another ISIS beheading of a Japanese national, one of two hostages they had in their custody. What was so horrific, was that the one surviving hostage, Kenji Goto, was spared to send a video message to the world explaining his fate if the Japanese govt did not do what the terrorist group demanded.
This man had to witness the beheading of his friend, and then live with the notion that he would suffer the same fate if his ransom was not met.
He spent a torturous week knowing of a looming deadline, literally, and in the end, was not saved. The grief his family, his country, any caring human being hearing this story was/is palpable.
True evil exists in this world, and we are left to wonder, what will it take to eradicate it.

At one point in history, measles was a scourge that claimed up to 500 lives in America alone, each year. When a vaccine became available, there was never any question lives were saved.
There is no cure for this highly contagious disease, yet so many parents, believing false science accusations that vaccines cause autism, chose for their children not to vaccinate, and we are now seeing the results.

Honestly, I do not know very much about Michelle Obama, other than her First Lady status and what negative news reports have to say of her, but I do know this next story from earlier this week is newsworthy. It has to do with her hair and the stance she took to send a message to the world.
How do you fight oppression? How do you make a statement? You hold your head up high. That’s how.

Speaking of hair, I admit, I also do not know much about British school systems. Americans do their own thing, their own say. Each year, during the beginning of the school year, American school sports teams require their players to shave their heads, other kids do this for a change, because they want to, because they can. Apparently, not so in Britain.

And finally, if you are new to America, you may not know that there are any other sports played here, other than American Football. Especially the final week in January. Yes, it is the lead up week to the final game of the season. When the two best teams that have battled it out all season to become numero Uno of the football world. Millions will be glued to their tv sets. Millions will be spent on parties to celebrate this annual event. At the end of the day, millions will either be celebrating or commiserating. Here’s what you need to know.

It has been a long week, ending a long month, and life goes on.
Whatever this coming week should bring to you, may you greet it your own way, doing your own thing with your head held high. And if you are a fan and your team is playing in the big game, (whichever team that is), may the odds be ever in your favor.