Weekend Review Nov 16, 2014


Internet wires were red hot this week with pictures of Kim Kardashian’s butt.

It’s hard to believe any other news was happening in the world or elsewhere for that matter… such as, the first ever comet landing which has the science community enthralled for the unique data being processed.

As for Kim, whether it was exhibitionism at its worst or a lesson in ethics at its best, I must say, for someone that recently had a baby, her body looks amazing.

Love her or hate her, she certainly gets people talking. What I find disconcerting, are all the others that try to jump on that band wagon for their chance to bask in her spot light. I honestly do not know who Chelsea Handler is or why she felt the need to show her backside to the world in order to…what? One-up Kim? Make a point? Get her name out more?
Then Alyssa Milano, beautiful actress I do like, had to weigh in with her breastfeeding selfie asking why her nursing photo wasn’t as widely accepted as Kim’s butt pics were.

Newsflash: Not everyone thinks Kim’s butt is acceptable viewing and while I am all for breastfeeding support, I question why a nursing mom feels the need to outshine a social media diva by doing something billions of women have done since the dawn of time. And why does that same mom feel everybody must accept it?

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Bill Cosby. Sigh. I grew up watching his shows, laughing at his comedy, admiring what he has accomplished.
Now, it seems his comedic mask has been pulled off and we are left to view what lies beneath. I question why wasn’t his predatory nature revealed sooner? Why was the first woman to come forward with these allegations not believed? Why wasn’t he investigated sooner before his list of accusers could grow?
I guess I have lot’s of questions…answers are something else.

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Kirk Cameron…good Christian man wants to save Christmas and get us back to the good old days. In doing so, he takes his place among patriarchal giants that feel it is their place to tell women how to behave.
Nostalgia is one thing, reality another.
Personally, the older I get, the harder it is for me to accept that men…Godly men…know what is best for women and feel the need to (lovingly?) tell women how to act, to think, to BE.

By all means, share your joy. Share your God. Share your religion, your life, your soul…
but please, please, please, don’t tell me how to share mine.

Have a good week people.