Weekend Review- Nov 22, 2014

normal barbie

As the US prepares to give thanks this week, as is our annual tradition of Thanksgiving, several families that have been affected by terror from halfway around the world will find it a difficult time to celebrate.

This past week, aid worker, Peter Kassig was killed in an act of pure evil by master criminals that feel they can behead their enemies to prove a point.

My heart breaks for the families that have suffered the loss of loved ones in this way.

I firmly believe these perpetrators, hiding behind their masks and their religion, will pay for their crimes–I hope it is sooner rather than later.

I also believe that very few secrets remain so for long, especially in this digital age of information. They will be found.

What I don’t understand is how, back in 2011, the US could authorize a drone attack that could kill two American citizens on foreign soil yet we have no clue, with all the resources at the ready, to find these not so secret groups causing such heinous crimes. Maybe that is the bigger secret not yet ready to be revealed.

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There seems to be an online petition requesting the removal of the reality show, 19 Kids and Counting. The show chronicles a devout Christian family that believes birth control should remain in God’s hands…hence so many kids. These ultra conservatives home-school their children, have a sibling buddy system in place where the older kids are basically responsible for their younger siblings care and well being, all of the children are highly monitored, and have very few freedoms for themselves. I find it fascinating that other groups existing such as this are titled as cults, but in this case, it is called Family Friendly viewing.

Apparently these good people have expressed their anti-homosexual beliefs a little too loudly and have offended the LGBT society enough so that a petition is circulating to have them removed from public broadcasting.

Again, what I don’t understand is, how can having 19 kids be considered great parenting role models in the first place? And the bigger question is, how can society expect a group of people with such hard core beliefs to feel any other way?

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Speaking of role models–there is a new doll in town. Nicknamed, The Real Barbie or aka, Lammily. This doll is more realistically proportioned than the actual Barbie and comes with an assortment of stickers that can be added to her, ranging from stretch marks, scars, cellulite all the way up to acne. (wondering how to explain stretch marks to kids is another story)

It seems someone thinks there was a need for this but again, what I don’t get is why Barbie is getting such a bad rap and why do we need our fantasy dolls/cartoons/images to be politically correct?

Why can’t we allow kids to have fantastical toys and let their imaginations soar? Why is there such a need to allow the harsh realities of this world to creep into the minds of those who could do with more imagination…not less?

I had a Barbie when I was a child. It was the only doll I ever had. I didn’t look at it with disdain or think I should grow up to be a disproportionate, blond, supermodel. Most kids enjoy life in the moment without attaching such adult insecurities or dire consequences to the future. Perhaps we should take a lesson from that, instead.

Barbie really isn’t the problem.

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A couple from Canada, wife 6 months pregnant, vacationed in Hawaii. She went into premature labor and was hospitalized for 6 more weeks before giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. Despite the fact that they did get travel insurance, their medical claim was denied due to a preexisting condition. That is more of a problem with the ones that sold them that policy but not much is said about that.

Now back at home, they are shocked to receive a medical bill of almost one million dollars.
That was just their share, the Canadian government and the state of Hawaii picked up part of the tab in addition to.

There is a saying, Just because you could, doesn’t mean you should.

It’s great you can vacation, (most Americans can’t, for this very reason)..but is it a good idea to do so while expecting?

Was this couple highly optimistic or just ignorant? I am stymied that most of the world does not realize what a hot bed of chaos our medical system is and if traveling here, not have a plan for contingencies.

Most Americans are a medical crisis away from bankruptcy. We pay, and pay and then pay some more.

One thing is for sure, they now have an inkling of what it is like to be an American, and they should also be very careful how they criticize Americans, because they just gave birth to one. So with Thanksgiving coming up, Yankee child in tow, maybe, just maybe, they will give thanks that they live in a country that has socialized medicine and not have to deal with the continued back breaking angst of what it is to be US.

Our world is filled with criminal heathens, the politically (in)correct, church lovin’, blissfully ignorant souls that blatantly trespass over boundaries they think do not apply to them, which in turn, burdens an already overburdened society…then we wonder, how did things ever got so bad in the first place?
Just one more thing to ponder.

Happy Thanksgiving, People
May Peace, Blessings and Good Health be yours