What If…


What If…[1/13/16]

My husband is an avid comic book collector. When we first started dating, I made fun of him for it. Back then, he didn’t read books but he knew about every Marvel character and story-line ever written.

One day, tired of my mocking attitude, (I’m sure), he gave me a
Dr. Strange comic to read. Oh, my goodness~ It was so complex. I felt as if you needed to be a scientist/physicist/mystic just to understand it, not to mention the need of a dictionary close by for reference defining all the big words used in it. I never made fun of him again after that.
I got it. Comic books are serial novels with amazing pictures that bring stories to life, and have since become a multi-million dollar industry.

Shortly after that Dr.Strange introduction, I started reading them myself, collecting them, making up my own characters in my head. Once you slip into this nether world of graphic novels, you find your own preferences, your own genre that you become loyal to. And there are plenty to choose from.

One of my all time favorites was a series called What If… Basically, the stories would follow a premise of the title using comic book characters in its story-lines, but think of it like this,
What if….We never bombed Japan? or …Lost the Revolutionary War? or …The Russians made it to the moon first? I loved it! The thought of endless possibilities and opportunities appealed to me then and still does now.

When you think about it, our lives could be considered a giant What If question.

What If…. I had married someone different?… Quit my job?…Chose a different career?… Had more kids?…Didn’t have kids? What If… I had paid closer attention to that knocking sound in my car a little bit sooner? Paid more attention in school? Tried harder? Listened better?

Looking over my past, I can see lot’s of areas to ask What If’s about. But it doesn’t stop there.
Turn that spyglass around and point it towards the future. What if….
What If… I couldn’t fail? What if… I was the person I really wanted to be instead of who I am? What if… I wasn’t afraid to take a chance? Pursue my dreams? Live out my passions? Live my life fearlessly?
What if… I embraced life with arms wide open, declaring at the top of my lungs, Here I am! Take my talents! Take my heart! Take everything I am and use it as you see fit? I’m ready!!!!!

what if…?