When in doubt, Throw it out (wk 17)


I am glad I had a brief respite from the work I have been doing these past four months because now it’s time to pick up the pace.

This week is all about making space in your life to free up the creativity that is stifled by the clutter that may be surrounding you. Yes, this about getting rid of the excess that isn’t doing you any good.

This lesson is going to be a hard one because as many can relate– this is more than a one week fix-it project. This is a lifetime discipline.

Since I started this program, I have been challenged weekly to do things I know will be good for me in the long run, but it still takes quite a bit of internal shoving to get my feet moving.

Being organized is something I have longed to be deep down in my heart of hearts, yet my creative brain fights against it with a resilience I would admire if it weren’t at odds with my own aspirations. I do quite a bit of self sabotaging on a daily basis and part of the reason I am working through this book is to stop that bad behavior and learn how to do things better without holding myself back so much.

I have given the idea of decluttering and cleaning up my act a great deal of thought and I am strongly leaning towards a complete reorganization of my life, inside and out.

The inside I am taking care of weekly with these exercises, but the outside needs work as well.

I have toyed with the idea of making this my new goal when I finish this book, but I am not set to end this series until June, 2017, and I don’t want to wait that long.

Then I thought I would make it my New Year’s resolution come January, 2017, three months away. But again, I am putting off something that needs work now.

When I reached this chapter, an idea began to form in my mind that this is something I really want to do and I need to stop putting this off to some fictitious tomorrow. Why wait?

This week kicks off the start of something I have delayed for far too long. Of course, I have to take into consideration that what I wish to do will be a marathon haul and not a sprint. I am also entering a busy time of year, work-wise, plus with the holidays fast approaching, it may limit my devotion to this new endeavor but not dampen the desire any.

The chapter for this week is so brief compared to the work cut out for me, but all beginnings must start somewhere. The author suggests a small start in creating space. Cleaning up a corner, a drawer, a bookshelf, a closet, an email inbox. This is good advice to keep the overwhelm at bay, which is needed when embarking on a big transition.

I have stated before how I believe myself to be an extremely creative soul and like most creatives out there, we don’t function well in a sterile environment. We need our ‘stuff’ to inspire us and goad us on to birth new creations into the world, but there must be a happy medium, because when our stuff becomes all-encompassing, it can then strangle out the creative flow we depend on to create.

You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.


Even small actions, or so I’m told, hold great sway with the universe.

There have been a handful of times in my life where I had done something proactively to make room in my life for whatever goodness I wanted to come my way…and it worked!

Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact alchemical process I used to tap into all that mystical goodness and therefore, have been unable to recreate the necessary steps needed to bring more abundance into my life.
Much to the chagrin of Law of Attraction coaches everywhere, my take on it is, yes, it works. And no, it doesn’t.
Can cleaning up your space bring in more creativity, abundance, peace, happiness, and money? I don’t know. Maybe?
Is there any one right way to do this? I doubt it, and maybe that is why it’s not working 100 percent of the time for me because I doubt. Like the apostle Thomas, doubting in the Resurrection until he could see for himself, the holes in Christ’s hands, I have all kinds of doubts and this has set me at odds with my religion, my personal business, my own success story. Or maybe there isn’t just one path up the mountain.
When it comes to clearing up space to attain more creativity, am I willing to give it a shot on the off chance that something better is waiting for me to get my act together? Yes. Wholeheartedly, yes.

This week’s challenge, choose one small area to make space for this week.
The thought of doing one small action is more than acceptable.

I intend to organize my dining room table that has seen a second life as my craft table/easel/paint and supply holder. That will be a start and while I am at it, I intend to find a program that will help me on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to help me get my life together on the outside. The inside is being taken care of, and I am looking forward to the outside, too.

I am hoping to have the same amount of encouragement because only accountability has kept my feet on the right path. Maybe that is how I will find my way. Maybe that is how I will finally put my doubts to rest and invite the creative muse back into my life. Maybe that is where success resides.


I have done more work on week 5 painting
I still meditate, not daily but several times a week
I did not buy new clothes this week because there was an unexpected wrench thrown our way where we weren’t sure if my husband would be gainfully employed much longer. Turns out he survived a major company layoff and perhaps new clothes will be on the horizon again.

Thank you for sticking around to watch the transformation unfold.